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Sunbury Computer Club, motto "Per Ardua Ad Error", was formed in 1979. We meet every Tuesday night, currently at the Kings Fairway pub in Fordbridge Road, Ashford.

With an uninterrupted existence of nearly 35 years, we suspect SCC must be one of the oldest active computer clubs.

To find out about how we started and what we have done in the past, visit the history section.

To see a list of current members and short resumes, click on members.

Skills. The club members have a variety of computer and other skills upon which other members draw.

We have lots of other interests in common apart from computers. Read about some of them here.

Most of the members are now getting on a bit, but the old members section is for those who no longer come to the club. If you read this, why not contact us and tell us what you are doing now.

These days computers are nearly all PCs and PDAs, but it wasn't always like that. Visit machines to see what we used to use.

Through the year we hold various events.

The Spud-u-Lite trophy.

If you have any questions about Sunbury Computer Club email If you would like to join us, drop me an email and I'll let you know where we are meeting on the following Tuesday evening.