One club night Steve walked in with a potato. He had sliced it up and separated the slices with pieces of a plastic bag . He had then inserted industrial staples between the slices and pushed an LED into the end pieces. The potato formed a primitive battery, and the LED lit up.
This was so unexpected and amusing that it prompted the creation of the Spud-u-Lite trophy. This was presented to Steve by Simon, the founder of the club, during the 2000 Christmas dinner that also marked the club's 21st anniversary.

It is supposed to be presented annually at the Christmas dinner, the recipient being chosen by mutual agreement as the person who has made us all laugh the most, cry the most, or otherwise distinguished themselves during the year. However, we think that Barry, having suffered the indignity of being nominated twice, managed to lose it some time in 2005. We don't know whether to duff him up or pat him on the back :-)

List of winners.

2000 Steve For the original Spud-u-Lite.
2001 Barry We've all forgotten what he got it for! Probably for an extra specially corny joke.
2002 Bob For his flashing buttonhole.
2003 Rod To make sure he returned the next year.
2004 Barry For very narrowly avoiding wiping out the entire club at the SCC fireworks night on Nov. 5th. During this year the trophy will be referred to as the Scud-u-Lite.

Unfortunately (or otherwise) Barry misplaced the trophy at some time during the year, so it has "expired".