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Old Members
Andy Lawrie

Andy is the Managing Director, Chief Programmer and General Dogsbody for a small embedded systems design company in Sunbury-on-Thames. Previous jobs include Mainframe Computer Engineer and Technical Director of a games software house. Married to Marion, with 3 adult daughters and 4 grand-children. Interests outside computing include boating, ski-ing, geocaching and motorcycling. 
Barry Parker  
Bob Watford

Bob works for his own company doing automotive and general electronic and software design, specialising in problem solving for the rich :-)
Dave Eden  
Peter Roche After school in Sheffield Peter worked in Weights and Measures/Trading Standards, then at the Standards Department of the Board of Trade. He left civil service to return to Local Government and ended his career as Chief Trading Standards Officer for the City of Westminster. Peter's computing began with a Commodore Pet and moved on - but not very far :-) He attended the club in the role of oldest " inhabitant" for most the nineties. He no longer attends because he has moved to Swansea, but he remains a member in spirit.

Around the mists and gales of the Southern Ocean Peter's name can be heard in the cry of sea birds as they sing their gratitude to him for teaching them how to fly around the World - backwards. 
Phil Smith Phil is a retired airline pilot who retains an interest in aviation as Vice-Chairman of the Flight Operations Group of the Royal Aeronautical Society. There is a rumour that he was once, long ago, elected in his absence to be Chairman, but he has managed to avoid any of the duties that go with the post.
Rod Metcalfe Rod was one of the founder members of the club. He is a retired Air Traffic Controller, reputed to be the only one ever to reach retirement age at Heathrow as an active controller. Hailing originally from Yorkshire, he has returned to live there in retirement, but occasionally visits and usually attends the annual Christmas dinner.
Samantha Ransom

Sam is 23 years old (in 2004) and a Receptionist for a security company. From 1997 to 2000 took the BTEC First Diploma in Public Services followed by the BTEC National Diploma in Public Service, passing the latter with a Distinction, then went straight from college to work in Security. Sam is the first female member of the computer club and currently also the youngest member (on her own she about halves the average age), having been dragged along to meetings on countless occasions from a very young age by Dad Terry. Interests include Sci-Fi.
Steve Hughes

Steve is currently the oldest active member of the club, beating Barry by a short head. He worked on an English Electric LEO at CAV (Acton), an ICT 1301 (along with sundry Hollerith sorting machines and collators) at BP (London), an ICL 1900 series at BP (Harlow) and later at Gala Cosmetics (Chessington). He then joined ICL Training in 1970 to lecture initially on 1900 and System 4 Operating Systems and subsequently on Database Management. In 1978 he left the computer industry to join the family business making and selling bird leg rings, and later joined the Sunbury Computer Club to keep in touch with the computer world. Interests include Christianity, photography, music and Hi-fi, sound systems and electric vehicles.
Terry Ransom

Terry joined the computer club too many years ago to remember. Always interested in computers but "allergic" to Sinclair products such as the ZX81, he opted for the Acorn Atom when it became available, progressed to an Amstrad CPC6128 and finally to PCs. He intended to be an electronics design engineer and tried to find employment in the fledgling computer industry of the 60's, but fate and finances dictated that he end up in the fire detection and protection industry as a Project Manager. Now most of his computing is on Excel spreadsheets! Infamous, in the computer club, for being responsible for "The Next Generation"; Sam and Graham. The other interest that now predominates is boating; holidays on a share of a canal narrow boat and summer weekends on a Thames cruiser. Regular Tuesday night member with daughter Sam.