Boat Trip

For the last 10 years or more we have been going on a boat trip.

In September 2002 we went upstream from Chertsey to Windsor and back, stopping for a meal on the way.

In June 2003, on a Saturday when the tides were suitable, we went from Teddington to Greenwich and back.

In August 2004 we repeated the trip through London. Nine of us squeezed into the boat, and on a particularly strong tide we reached Dagenham before turning round.

Here is a view of the Houses of Parliament.

2005 took us to the Old Swan at Thames Ditton in Amberel and later on to the Swan at Pangbourne in Dulcinea. 2006 was a bit busy, and all we could manage was a short trip to Bell's of Ouzeley.

2007 was another trip to London, through the Thames Barrier to just past Woolwich and back again. This time we were boarded by the police for a security check. They made an impressive sight turning on a sixpence at about 30 knots.
The policewoman departs after 20 minutes.
Tower Bridge.
Bob was oblivious to the Dome.
Back to Teddington.

Subsequent years have repeated the local trips to Old Windsor or Thames Ditton.